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Live Luxuriously for a Week

Do you want to stay in a castle and live luxuriously for a week? If we could, then so can you! In October 2017, my husband and I got married in Italy. We knew before we even got engaged that a destination wedding was something we both wanted to do. We both love traveling and wanted a small wedding. … Continue reading

8 Sights to See in Assisi

If you're planning a trip to the region of Umbria in Italy, add Assisi to your list of day trips. This post lists 8 sights you must see in Assisi. For a week in October 2017, my husband and I stayed at le Torri di Bagnara in the region of Umbria, Italy, for our destination wedding. Twenty of our … Continue reading

When In Rome

My family and I visited Rome for Christmas in 2015 and stayed in an apartment on Via del Governo Vecchio (the link is to the cafe next door). This guide to touring Rome will be based on our experience of seeing the city over a week during the winter. Here's everything you should see When In … Continue reading